All That I Am
raven shadowborne ©
August 13, 1998
I am..
your passion..
your fire..
your pain
your raging desires
I am..
your heartfelt dreams
your whistful memories..
your whispered hopes
the nightmare that haunts your sleep
your love..
your joy
your fear..
your despair
I am..
your promise for a better life
your beginning
your end ..
your will..
your need..
the one that makes your heart sing
brings peace to your soul
I am
all that is good..
mixed with all that is bad
the one who creates confusion..
then brings clarity..
the one who fills you with warmth..
raises your hopes..
fulfills your dreams..
passion personified
raging desires satisfied
your soul mate..
your all
All that I am..belongs to you..
completing you as you complete me
take my hand..and let us be one