May 1997
by: raven shadowborne ©

This anger burning deep
searing my soul
My heart pounds beneath my breast
Lies, again, Lies
Why must some lie?
Why is the truth not enough?
Why must they hide behind falsehood and deciet?
Do they think it makes them look better?
saves face?
Brings respect?

Why must some play games with another's emotions?
Why not speak plainly, honest and true?
I sit here, enraged by the deciet all around me..
My soul crying
Another piece of my heart dying
My eyes filled with tears yet flashing with fire
My breath coming hard and fast
As I try to comprehend
That which has just passed
Does the word friend not matter to some?
 Does one's trust really mean so little?
 If so then I want my walls
My heart, too soft, easily hurt
By falsehood

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