This page is once again under construction to reflect the second year of LnR!! Be sure to come back often as we have lots of new ideas we are working on. You may need to hit reload to see the new added information.  And Please let us know of any of your Ideas you would like to see here. And don't forget to sign our guestbook!! Thanks for visiting, enjoy your exploration.

                  You approach the doors of the castle, a small bit of wonder in your eyes. What is behind the large doors? You enter LnR and are greeted warmly by those already there. You find a seat and sit down to watch for a while.

                    This channel is a D/s channel. Which means it is based on the very real lifestyle of domination and submission. But the creators of the channel added a bit of imagination to it. IRC is for fun, so LnR has that too. We set the channel inside a castle. We think it gives the feeling of a dungeon type atmosphere very well. We have also found in the past year that the setting lends itself very well to  creativity and imagination. LnR is not a gorean channel, though we do have gorean guests.

This site contains a wealth of information about this lifestyle. For ease of moving throughout the site there are return and home buttons on each page. The return button will take you back to the main page in that section (eg: Jurney Into Domination) the home button will return you to this page. Also, at the bottom of the pages which mark each section there is a small table of links to the other main sections of the site. Eventually this table will appear on each page of the site making it easier for those who are surfing the site to get where they wish to go quickly.

The majority of the regulars of LnR have real life D/s experience and come from all over the world. Channel managers are from Texas and Florida. Channel regulars are from all over the globe. All of the LnR family have the added flair of an active imagination. We pride ourselves on the mixture of warmth, reality, creativity and fun that LnR is known for. We also pride ourselves on the ability of the regulars in the channel to impart their knowledge to others, and to learn new things.  So come on in..the doors are open!! Make yourself at home and have some fun!!

The links below will bring you to pages which better explain the channel, it's members, it's history, it's future, real life D/s, and IRC D/s. Have some fun exploring!!
  Happy Birthday LnR   Family of LnR
  In Memory of Master Rick   Journey Into Domination
  Journey into IRC D/s   Journey Into Submission
  BDSM Discussion Mailing List   Raven's Page (misc. info.)
  Safe, Sane, Consensual:  words we live by Writings of Family Members
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