A Mother's Nightmare
by raven shadowborne © 1998 (9-21-98)

A mother's greatest joy is her children
they bring meaning and completeness
joy and hope to her life
Watching them grow is all she adores
nurturing them to adulthood
guiding them through the trials of life
easing their way through small strifes
letting go their hands with some regret
so they may leanr to stand on their own
she remains near, to offer a hand should they need it
Her greatest accomplisment is to see each child to adulthood..
to watch as they begin their own journey secure in themselves..

A mother dreams of the future..
hopes for her child
asperations of greatness
begin with the knowledge that a baby grows inside
Each passing month..her belly swelling..
new dreams forming
new hopes for the future

A mother's greatest nightmare
the destruction of her child
No pain can reach as deep
her soothing words of no help
her touch pushed away
as the child suffers in her own hell
the mother silently weeping..
as her best efforts fail
her dreams fade into nothing
she fights it..
to no avail
her pride and joy..her child
gone for all time..
perhaps never to return