Never Fear
by: Raven Shadowborne © 1998
May 29,1998

Never fear, my love
Never fear that I may flee
as fast as my feet would carry me..
In the not so distant past..
sunlight but a promising glow..
over a distant horizon
where my feet would not go
casting weak rays into the night's haze
their light never reaching me
their warmth never surrounding me
as dark birds of fear circled me
thier shrill cries of anguish, recalling past wounds
shrouding me with chill shadows
building a freezing wall round my heart
casting me into darkness
a place of fear and endless night
blocking the warm rays of sunlight
from reaching my sight
Then, while in that place
I could have run..
raced beyond your reach
flown from your hope
scared of possible pain
afraid of the rain
But, my lover, can't you see?
my burning desires
like thieves in the night..
conspired with hope
and held me fast
as my heart blossomed..
healing my past
Those birds still circle..
screeching their message
harbingers of doom..
their shrill cries no longer pierce my soul
their flickering shadows no longer freeze my bones
The sun has arisen, casting away the night.
It's warm rays, reaching within
soothing my fear
easing my pain
melting the ice
stopping the rain
burning a path to my heart
tumbling that wall, clearing a space
planting a seed in that wall's spot
filling that place with a welcome warmth
the embers of trust and devotion,
tempered by the flames of love
here, my lover
by your side
within your heart
bathed in the light of your love
surrounded by the warmth of your soul
sharing completely
trusting without doubt
in this very spot, where my feet have taken me
is where I wish to stay
by your side come what may
Never fear that I might flee
Never fear, my love
Tis not a possibility
My heart rests within your palms
enfolded in the warmth of your soul
as I feel the gentle embrace of your arms
my heart, resting with ease
nourished by your love returned
growing with your trust repaid
Never fear that I will flee
my feet will not carry me