By: Raven Shadowborne © 1997
Here I sit once more alone 

   Once there was light
a peace in my soul
 Now it is gone
left in it's place 
that old beast called fear
  fear of anyone that comes near 

 Making me run, making me hide
 This old wound that I thought had died
Or is it a new one on top of the old?
    Breaking the scar open deep to my soul.
 Leaving me small, vulnerable

You moved on not a backwards glance
 You never cared what your actions wrought
You never dared to think my needs counted
You never tried to keep me with you
 Too darned easy for you to leave. 

  You left and took the light from my life
 The warmth from my soul
The love from my heart
  The life from my eyes
Leaving me here bereft with despair
 My heart, bleeding, for someone not there 

  Confusion sets in as I know I was right
But being so lonely hurts the fight
 My fight to heal is hampered at best
By the beast you have woken with new ammunition..
 New words to speak, new poison to seep. 

 Do you care at all what you've wrought?
Does my name cross your mind, even one thought?
 Do you care that you hurt me and others are paying?
 Do you care that you killed a peice of my soul?
 Do you care that I doubt it will heal even when old?
   Do you care, that now I question myself?
Do you care that, now, my soul lays in pieces?
 Do you care at all?
Did you ever?