The Shadowborne
Author: Raven Shadowborne © May 1997



The night
Dark and mysterious
Wrought with dangers untold
Yet lit with a brilliance
From ages of old

The twinkling of stars
The glow of the moon
Add light where there is none
Softening the gloom

The night's shadows
Deep and dark
Where riddles are hidden
Surprises await
survival dependant on the hand of fate

Legend has it 
those of the night
are creatures of darkness
fantasy and flight

Full of mysteries their very own
Each one is different
yet still the same
As they all play similar games

Born of the shadows
these creatures of night
Once thought to be evil
Till one took flight

One untamable free soul
Giving to others, so they may grow
With a strength most envy
for life takes its toll

Yet still this untamable soul
Takes flight and soars
Her wings gently prodding the air with her flight
As once more she flies within the night

This untamable soul
Born of the shadows with a heart of pure gold
Not easily forgotten
yet easily discarded
Touching the souls of those she holds dear

This one has shown to one and all
Not all born of shadows have black lifeless souls


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