My Cross Stitch

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This one I did for a friend of mine as a reminder that she can be who she wants to be. It was meant as a pick her up type of thing to let her know that she is in charge of her life and that I will always be there for her. This was the first of 2 that I did for her. Hopefully I can get the picture of the dragon scanned in to put up here soon. 

This one I did for my birth mother. It is buried with her. She loved teddy bears and she chose the design. This was my first ever counted cross stitch. 

This is a laminated bookmark that I did for my friend talia.The design is 3 pink and red roses on a vine. It was to remind her that people care about her and since she reads so much, she would see it often. 

This one I did for a friend of mine who's online nick is Little^Dragon. It took me almost 6 months to complete. But it is my favorite peice so far! 



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