The Need III
by: Raven Shadowborne © 1998

These words that I write
spill forth with ease
pouring from within
forming 'neath my pen
no thought to spurn them
just this driving need
a need to comit them
in ink for all time
a need to release them
from a churning mind
a need to acknowledge
that which lays hidden
a need to uncover
emotions once lost
a need to lighten
these burdens I carry
a need to re learn
things once forgotten
A need to remember
past life lessons
a need to apply
wisdom to the present
a need to discover
hope for the future
a need to bequeath
my dreams to my soul
a need to find
every and all
a need to unveil
new paths to follow
these words I write..
spill forth with ease
driven once more
by the insatiable need